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Presentations & Lectures

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Lectures by guest speakers

Traditionally Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) host a good number of guest speakers, intellectuals and senior military officers presenting on a wide variety of civil and military topics. The topics are selected in order to widen the horizon of knowledge of the student officers on subjects' like-international politics, foreign affairs, recent military development, management, leadership research work etc. These lectures/presentations are the part of the strategic studies/management modules of the course.

Guests Speakers are invited to talk on the following subjects or similar topics:

  • Para Military Forces - (Coast Guard, BGB)
  • Joint Training in Bangladesh Armed Forces
  • An Evaluation of the Present Training in Bangladesh Army
  • An Evaluation of the Present Training in Bangladesh Navy
  • An Evaluation of the Present Training in Bangladesh Air Force
  • Brief on BIPSOT
  • Media-Military Interface
  • Freedom of Press and Reporting on Military Matters
  • Role of Armed Forces in Disaster Management
  • Current Development in Bangladesh Army
  • Current Development in Bangladesh Navy
  • Current Development in Bangladesh Air Force
  • Officers Career Planning, Posting and Promotion in Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force