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News & Events

19 APRIL 2018
17 APRIL 2018
14 APRIL 2018
01 APRIL 2018

This ceremony commences the DSCSC course 2018-19. In the morning 01 April, 2018 by student officer of Bangladesh and other 20 participating countries raised their respective national flags in front of Mirpur Hall of DSCSC.

21 MAR 2018

Brigadier General R. C. Woolnough, OBE, OCDS, passed away on 21 March, 2018. He was the chief instructor of DSCSC from 08 Dec 1987 to 04 Jan 1990. We deeply mourn the sad demise of R. C. Woolnough and our sincere prayer for the deceased and the entire family. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

07 FEB 2018

Graduation Ceremony of the course 2017-18 was held on 07 February 2018. Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina graced the program as chief guest.